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My new bed frame is finally done. I get to sleep on it tonight.

The system is based on shipping crates, an idea I got from a this charette I did for studio. The idea arose out a need for storage to organize my messy room, and the fact that as a college student, I will have to move out of my current apartment sometime in the near future. Instead of having to move a whole bed frame, why not use the frame to move my stuff?

The ‘frame’ consists of three separate crates. Each crate has a an outer structural frame that holds up the mattress, and a large inner drawer. The frames are made from pine, and the drawers are poplar. I bought the pine, but the poplar was all scrap, so the whole thing cost around $50. 


We are family!

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Proud mama! 

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This is the robotic exoskeleton by Raytheon, if I remember right. I want to build my own, using simpler, more accessible technology. I’m working on a design for a new type of actuator that will hopefully make it work. 

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This month’s give-a-way is a handmade utility knife with black and red G10 handle. Good luck to everyone! #handmade #knives #chicago

Reblogging because I want this knife, and because if you’re in Chicago (or anywhere, I guess) you should check this company out. 


when ur parents go out food shopping


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These ares some shoes I decorated sometime around my first year. At the time I was planning on making these and selling them, but then architecture school happened, and yeah…

  • Roommate: What did you say?
  • Me: Oh nothing, just talking to the internet.